The New Gallery Studio

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An artist’s colony in the Cornish coastal village of Portscatho

Before the world turned on a sixpence my working week included at least one journey over to The New Gallery in Portscatho, on the beautiful Roseland Peninsula.

A photograph of Nina Packer painting at an easel in the New Gallery studio, she is seated and viewed side on, there are beautiful paintings on the walls behind her and still life set up on a table with oranges and a skull, which she is painting.
Photo credit Nia Sandy Photography
Set up by Chris Insoll in 1985, The New Gallery is artist run, and home to the Portscatho Art Society.

The showroom downstairs is vibrant and ever changing, with members visiting throughout the week to deliver new work.  The studio above is simply a jewel of a place. Chris’s collection of pictures cover every inch of every wall, there are countless books on every artist or art movement that you can think of, and the heady scent of turps and linseed oil greets you as you climb the stairs.

It is almost impossible to ‘pop’ over; upon arrival you’re met by the offer of coffee and conversation begins as you go up to the studio, within minutes books begin to pile on the table.  I spend much of my working life on my own in my studio, so for me this interaction with other artists gives me different perspectives and fresh ideas, and I’m always learning from other artists and their work.

A photograph of the New Gallery artists studio taken from the threshold of the room, there are two large easels with paintings on, tables with pots and brushes and easels, and lots of paintings on the walls.
Photo credit Nia Sandy Photography
Current restrictions mean things are a little different at the minute…

But the better weather means painting outside in the Porth can be done in company, although it took several hours to thaw out after a day spent sheltering from a fierce Easterly this Monday… Cornwall makes much of it’s Art Colonies, from the famed Newlyn School to the St. Ives Moderns, there is a rich history of groups of artists working together and being influenced by each other. Quietly, away from the Art tourism, this tradition is very much alive and kicking.

Posted on 30th April 2021.