About Nina Packer

What sort of magic is painting? To try to capture the spirit of a person on a stretched piece of fabric, to try to describe how sun-light and breeze feel, using coloured pigments and tools made of tails.  I consider myself very lucky for my profession to be tangled up in this alchemy.

My academic training was in silver and jewels, the rest I have picked up along the way through the luck of crossed paths and the generosity of other artists, who have given me their time, knowledge and advice. 

For the past two decades I have settled in Cornwall, where I now work from my studio on the edge of the beautiful Roseland Peninsula and sell my work at The New Gallery Portscatho; an artist-run showroom and studios, and home to the Portscatho Art Society.

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photograph showing artist Nina Packer sat at an easel painting, the picture is a large figurative portrait of an artist at work in a busy artists studio. The studio is above The New Gallery, Portscatho, Cornwall.